Family Camp

Whatever happened to quality family time? With busy schedules and to-do lists, wouldn't it be great to really connect with your family in a meaningful way? At SpringHill, we've made it easy for you to build unity, have fun and experience God... as a family! At our family camp you’ll spend quality time with each other, have interactive sessions and learn how to strengthen your relationships as a family with Christ at the center. Our activities will give you a chance to challenge yourselves and encourage each other. You’ll have down time to discuss family issues and help your relationships grow with each other and with God.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

A deposit of $100 is required when registering and is non-refundable. Cancellations made within two weeks prior to event will result in forfeiture of full camp fees. No shows will result in forfeiture of full camp fees as well as forfeiture of your reserved housing unit for future events.

Winter | Memorial Day | Summer

Winter Family Camp: December 26-28, 2014

Online Registration for Winter Family Camp

Program, Housing, and Meals:
Premium Housing, Adults and Kids 7+: $130 each
Standard Housing, Adults and Kids 7+: $115 each
Off Site Housing, Adults and Kids 7+: $75 each
Kids 0-7: Free

Premium housing includes indoor bathrooms.
Standard housing includes bathhouse nearby.

Horseback riding, Paintball and Zipline: $15 each
Crafts: $3 - $15

Memorial Day Family Camp: May 22-25, 2015

Check out our highlight video below!

Online Registration for Memorial Day Family Camp

Program Fee:
adults and kids 7+ are $40 each
Kids 3-6 are $30
Kids 0-2 are free

Standard Housing:
ranges from $115-$325 per cabin
ranges from $60-$85 for camp sites

aquatics bands: $10 each
high adventure bands: $25 each
combo bands: $30 each

5-meal packages for ages 5+: $45
children 0-4 free with adult purchase

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Summer Family Camp: July 10-12, 2015

Online Registration for Summer Family Camp

Premium Housing: Peaks $120 per person Ages 3+ (electric & bathrooms in unit)
Standard Housing: Cabins, Cabooses, Plane $105 per person Ages 3+ (electric, bath house nearby)
Rustic Housing: Forts, Trappers Outpost, Wigwams, Hilltoppers, Tree Houses, TeePees $90 per person Ages 3+ (no electricity, bath house nearby)
RV Camping: $90 per person Ages 3+

Cancellation Policy

The $50 deposit is non-refundable. Cancellations made within two weeks prior to event will result in forfeiture of full camp fees. No shows will result in forfeiture of full camp fees.

For Summer Family Camp, registrations are processed in the order they are received.

SpringHill recognizes that pets are part of your family and are allowed during Family Camp Weekends. Pets are the owners responsibility and should be kept on a leash at all times. Pets are not allowed in any SpringHill building including housing units and dining halls.

Premium Housing

These housing units are fully equipped with heat, electricity and bathrooms. Sleeps 22.

Peaks Peaks


Our Peaks houses are named for their resemblance to the mountainside cabins of the past. Each unit is equipped with a shower, bathroom facilities, carpeting and enough space to sleep 22 people. There are 15 cabins total.

Standard Housing

These housing units are fully equipped with heat and electricity. Each one has a bath house nearby.

Pioneer Village: sleeps 14
Caboose: sleeps 8-10
Storybrook Rustic Cabin: sleeps 14
Storybrook Electric Cabin: sleeps 14
Staff Housing Cabin: sleeps 12-14
Meadowlands, Lothlorien, Norway cabins: sleeps 12-14
C123K Airplane: sleeps 17

Cabin Groups Cabin Groups
Cabin Groups

Cabin Groups

We have four different cabin group areas: Meadowlands, Norway, Aztec and Lothlorian. Each unit is a traditional log cabin, equipped with electricity and bathrooms nearby and sleeps anywhere from 17-24 people.

The Provider Provider Plane
The Provider

Provider Plane

The C-123K Provider is one of the most unique housing units SpringHill Michigan has to offer. It is a real plane that flew in the Vietnam and Korean Wars that has now been converted into a camp housing unit. This is the only air-conditioned unit, is fully equipped with electricity and has bathrooms nearby. The Provider can hold up to 17 people.

Cabooses Cabooses


Our restored cabooses are another unique housing option to choose from. The train line is formed by nine caboose cabins in total, each holding 8-10 people. Bathrooms are located nearby in Lillie Station.

Rustic Housing

Many of the housing units are well suited for those summer days which allow for more rustic accommodations. These units will give you the full camp experience with no electricity and a short walk to the bathrooms.

  • Wigwams — no electricity
  • Stockade Fort: two-story housing unit, sleeps 12, electric lights, bathrooms nearby
  • Tepee Village - no electricity, bathrooms nearby
  • Trapper's Outpost - no electricity, bathrooms nearby

Forts Forts


This fort is built with logs and a catwalk that connects the 2nd story cabins. The inside of the fort is equipped with a campfire pit if needed for evening activities. There are seven cabins in total, each holding 5-12 people.

Trappers Outpost Trappers Outpost
Trappers Outpost

Trappers Outpost

These pine-sided cabins resemble early lodging for hunters and trappers. They offer a rustic setting sleeping 17 people per unit. Trappers Outpost has four units total.

Wigwams Wigwams


There are two sets of wigwams in Copper Country, Huron Village and Chippewa Village. These housing units are tucked back in the trees, built with 12 sides, equipped with screens and canvas sides. They are connected in pairs by porches and each unit sleeps nine people.

Farm Village Farm Village
Farm Village

Farm Village

Our farmhouses provide a rustic feeling and are great for housing a large group. There are four houses in the village each sleeping 14.

Tree Houses Tree Houses
Tree Houses

Tree Houses

Each of these houses is built above ground on stilts. A wooden deck joins them with a raised fire pit in the middle, perfect for after-dark activities if needed. There are four houses in total, each sleeping 15.

Safari Village Safari Village
Safari Village

Safari Village

Tiki torches lead the way to this tucked-behind-the-trees village. Each hut is covered in reed finishes, giving the feel of a true safari jungle. There are four cabins in the village and each sleeps 14 people.

RV Camping

Housing rates are all based on 3 nights:
Maple Grove site - 18 full hook-up sites
Red Pine Park site - 19 electrical hook-up sites
The Field site - 22 electrical hook-up sites
Rustic site
Note: A campsite may be occupied by members of an immediate family, or up to four unrelated people.
An immediate family consists of parents and dependent children under 18.

Meal options:
You will have the option of purchasing meals in our dining hall. See registration form for options.

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